Paper Plane


If you're interested in commissioning a prop or costume piece or paint job, the best place to contact me is to shoot me a message over on Facebook or Instagram


Do you sell helmets?
I do not currently sell any of the pieces on my site here. They are mostly examples of builds and paint schemes for myself or clients. If you want to know about a particular helmet, I will always be happy to point you to a respected maker. If you'd like to commission a build or paint job, shoot me a message.

Do you sell wands?
I often have wands for sale that I make as stock. Most are unique designs and I make them as I have time to do so. These will always be posted on my Etsy store (see below). If you would like to commission a wand, I'm always open to discussion.

Do you sell anything?
I sell prop and costume parts over on my Etsy store;
Here you will find everything I currently have available. I mostly make metal parts for Star Wars costumes, but often delve into other franchises too.